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Home » 09 The longest virtue. In fact, it is not over yet :)

09 The longest virtue. In fact, it is not over yet :)

The longest virtue. In fact, it is not over yet 🙂

09 The longest virtue. In fact, it is not over yet 🙂 Current posts

A few years ago, when the drama heated up the cold winter, the artist of the drama made the name of the character as ‘Miu -hwa’.

‘OMG… what… There are still people who like Miu Hwa. Actually, I am too. ’:)

It was slightly ridiculous and there was a subtle sense of homogeneity.

In my girl’s days when Hong Kong Noir was calm in the film world, I had a lot of presence of Miu -hwa, but strangely there was no friend around me. Each of them fell into their own idols.

Then one day, a concert of her miracle was held at Jamsil playground. Fortunately, there was a child who liked Miu -hwa in the same class. We were not close friends, but we went to the concert together because of one common interest. I waited all the time to arrive early in the morning. I don’t even remember going to the bathroom or eating anything. I heard that I could sit right in front of the stage, and I followed the crowd and took a really good place. It remains in memory so far.

The concert, an important event, does not remember at all. Was it almost stunned? What kind of clothes she wears and how she sings and what she gestures. Then, as the Hong Kong film declined, the virtue of virtue naturally stopped.

Macau in the early 2000s.

In the downtown street, I accidentally saw the mate in the watch advertisement. Standing in the center of the road, I looked at the advertisements full of streets. It was like meeting a child who had loved her as a child. Afterwards, I accidentally watched Miu -hwa, and I quietly continued to virtue without anyone knowing.

Mugando, which has been seen for a long time, has now become an annual event in late autumn or winter. The film, where the Hong Kong film is alive, is dramatic that life is full of irony. In particular, the world that lives as an adult is difficult to understand, and even if the heart is frustrated, there are only a situation where you can only endure it.

There is no shortcoming in the acting of the main characters, Miu -hwa and the brewery. Miu -hwa in the 2002 film is still attractive at any time. The story itself is solid and admires every time. Every time I have another scene in my head. It is a story of the police and organizational violence.

Hong Kong in the spring of 2017.

The new art museum, M+ Pavilion, opened an exhibition about Hong Kong’s popular culture. The road to the exhibition hall was dominated by film posters in the 80’s and 90’s. In the exhibition hall, there were all the brothers of those brothers, Duk -hwa, Jang Kook -young, and Ju Yunbal.

An unexpected exhibit that surprised me was a magazine pictorial of 1984, when Miu -hwa was in his twenties. It was a picture of the Japanese magazine Non-NO, which was popular in the late 1980s. Pretending to be nice and leaning on a big tree.

Like this, I faced my girls’ days. It wasn’t a gorgeous Hong Kong, but it was a Hong Kong full of life in violence and back alleys, and it was a time when I indulged in the strangely warm and heartbreaking video and story.

Franky Chen, director of the Taiwanese film My Platures, released in 2016, is also a steamed fan of Miu -hwa. If not, it would not have set the main character as a high school student who wanted Miu Hwa -hwa.

The plot of the film is the first love story of a sweet and good girl and a boy with a rebellion. Attracted but cute. It’s a bit of a pounding. It’s my school days, and I miss my memories. In addition, the background of the times is 1994, so there is a more innocent corner than high school students these days.

As the years have passed, the main character, who was a fan of Miu -hwa, became her office worker and she felt deprived of her difficult daily life. She tries to go to Miuhwa Concert to rest and recharge, but her table is already sold out. She heads to the park where the concert is held. She buys coffee at an open -air cafe, but she’s not coming to buy coffee !!! Opportunity is a chance !!! She signs up and takes a picture together. Miu -hwa will come up with her place, so she asks you to come to the concert. Her concert official who came to hand her to her was her first love in her high school days.

In this movie, I feel like my girl’s days of virtue. She bought a photobook, bought a magazine, bought a song tape, wrote down 바카라사이트 the Chinese pronunciation, memorized the song, and waited from the morning to see the concert at Jamsil playground.

Taiwan in the fall of 2018.

At the Taipei 101 Tower Shopping Mall, I saw a watch advertisement of Miu -hwa. She also does not betray her expectations. I was old. ^-^

I took the subway to Expo Park in Royansan Station. If you go to Seoul, it is as large as the Olympic Park, and the hero of My Girls’ Generation came to see the concert of Miu -hwa and seemed to be similar to the park where you met Yoo Deok -hwa by chance. I looked around the park in anticipation of a 0%feasibility of finding a chance to meet Miu -hwa. There were a lot of locals in the park. Young couples who took a young child in a stroller, a grandmother who reads the newspaper on the bench, and the uncle who brought a big dog and trained. ‘It’s just like a leisurely neighborhood park,’ and there was a group of people who practiced the power while undressing the top. In exotic and unusual sights that we have not seen in Korea, the delusions of the virtue were quickly disappeared.

At the end of the Corona, you can go to the Chinese city and meet Yudeokhwa again with advertisements. If you find an advertisement of Miu -hwa on the shopping mall on the street, you will stop on the road for a while and look at it. At this moment, I think that this is a real person who is drinking the same air as me in the world. It is the power of virtue to make it back with that time even after decades.


-What is you searching with ‘’ ’… OMG… Daeaebak !!

It is said that the program called boasts fan sentiment will be aired soon. (Absolutely not)

-If you have been a fan of Miu -hwa before, shouldn’t you certify it with comments?

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