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“Ainana 7 Great Campaign Part 5”

It is a continuation of the 7 major campaign ~

◎ UR card present to be played by video on Home

This is a special login bonus of the 7th anniversary, but on the last day you can get a messed up UR with 16 rabbi tubes costumes.

You can see the video, but if you set it to Home …

I didn’t write the details, so I think the details will come later.

◎ 7th anniversary Stella box appears in the shop

8/20 0: 00-8/31 23:59 3 types of BOX of Stella Stone, which are slightly advantageous, have appeared

Three types, large and small and special.

You can get 20 Stella Stones than usual.

Isn’t there a seven major campaign, a beginner support campaign will also be held from August 20 12: 00 to 9/30 16:59.

The experience value up to a specific rank is significantly increased and the experience value is tripled to the rank 250.

If 카지노 you do Ainana relatively well, the rank is easy to rise at the beginning, but it is easier to rise.

The second is distributed by email from 8/20 0:00 because the 7th anniversary device is a gift.

It seems that this is the first time that when you open the hall, the default device is already on the 7th anniversary specification.

every time? I get it at the time of the anniversary, but these two items.

To commemorate the 7th anniversary, a limited reprint audition is being held.

You can get a platinum kore that allows you to get a reprint SSR costume in A and B.

This Gasha is held from 8/20 0:00 to 8/30 23:59.

It is also delicious that one reprint SSR is confirmed.

Group A is Ichiori -kun, March -kun, So -chan, Riku -kun, Ten -kun, Hyakun -kun, Isumin, Minami -kun

Group B is Yamato, Rinkun, Nagi -kun, Raku -san, Toku -san, Sen, Touma -kun, Torao

In the breakdown

If you have a lineup

US, DD, Christmas, New Year, Valentine, White Day, Reunion, Re-Raise, Klello, SC, orchestra, White Side, Black Side, Black Side, Kurimaji, KING PUDDING, King Pudding, Zodiac, Sweets, Odapri, Spasta, Goshihalo Kriroku, Great Escape, Hanabuki Castle, Mannan Park, Snow Railway, Snow Festival, Saitech, Tea Party, RTI, TRIGGER Solo, Cleaning, Star Tour, Horikore, Absolute King, Valentine Live, WD. ), Eternal theory, Zon Ob, DTD, Azon, Miss Afe, BBB, DIP, Your profile, China, casino, buth racing, sweets Marche, crisp

And SSR+normal SR is a lineup.

There may be a fall.

SSR is 20.4%and SR is 79.6%

US, DD, Christmas and old days are 0.09%, but I wonder if the most lottery is 0.1%probability, so it’s easier to come out than in the past.

I pulled both, but I both erased the image, so I managed to have a history, so the result is here …!

Group A came out of your profile and Meldori Riku -kun.

It’s a rainy day of Meldry Riku -kun (laughs)

I’m glad I didn’t have your profile or Meldori.

It is always that there is no recommendation.

The Group B has Mechalara’s Sen and Meldori Raku and Chinaa’s Touma -kun.

I have Sen and Raku -san, but thank you because I didn’t have a lottery of China.

It is usual that there is no recommendation (second time)

Now I got two Platina Nakore!

I’m wondering what to do …

As a lineup


·New Year


·White Day


・ Black Side

・ Meldori

・ Climage

・ King pudding

・ Zodiac


・ Odapuri

・ Spasta

・ Goshihalo

・ Mechalara

・ Kriroku

・ Great escape

・ Seasonal event (such as Hanabuki Castle)

・ Tea party


・ Citech

• antagonism

・ Trigger solo

・ Cleaning (normal)

・ Star tour

・ Horikore

・ Absolute champion

・ Valentine live

・ WD

・ Eternal theory

・ Zon of

・ Reunion


・ A cherish

・ Miss Afe



・ Clerai

・ SC (Trigger Valentine)



・ Your profile

・ Chinaa


・ Bottobi racing (normal)

・ Crispy

・ Sweets Marche

This is the lineup.

You get lost because it increases as you get older …

If you choose by pushing, it is White Day, White Side, Kriroku, Marche.

So -chan is about tea party and Marche.

There are few SSRs and SSRs. Because there is no UR or UR SSR (other than birthday).

The only one -time UR set audition is also being held from August 200:00 to August 30 23:59.

Gasha with one SSR that can wake up UR

Since it is only one selection, it is only one, but you can draw 35 paid stones with UR awakening items.

It is for people who have only one but not easy to use UR.

The lineup

Outdoor festival

Rehabilitation production (SSR)


Outdoor live (SSR)



Disned DIS ONE.

Poi -gun

Deer butter


Wish (SSR)

Oh, but if you look closely, you can get the same SSR and the same SSR and idol hearts as the selection, and 50 attribute Hearts for the selection, so if you have GOLD, you can do it immediately.

Nevertheless, this is all UR, so this is not drawn. You can make the second piece, but I don’t know what it will be (laughs)

I also got 17 Stella Stones as a special login bonus at the time of the event.

Thank you.

Archive will end in a few hours until today …

It was a week for a week, but I don’t know if I was asymptomatic, but was it okay because I’m fine for the time being?

I spent a few days at home with masks and disinfection.

I was a little worried because I had eaten out for the first time in a long time.

I haven’t eaten outside since this time. I bought it.

This is the end of the 7th anniversary, but after this, there are plenty of źooļ anniversary, clerk’s birthday, Annana event and collaboration.

Let’s do Ainana for the 7th anniversary ♪ (´ ▽ `)

And Raku’s birthday Gashalast that disappeared with the anniversary!

I wonder if Babyconomy will go to a summary article again … I have never forgotten the past, but I can not easily write an article.

The 7th anniversary login bonus is popular, and the end time has been postponed until 9/30 12:59.

Oh, it may be good for those who start now.

You can get Nana Kore.

Watching the impressions of Daniel Craig’s 007 series, “Cast Away” and “Trans World”, etc., I watched the same time as a movie, got up and watched the movie again. I spent a week. As usual today. It may not be good to be sleeping. But I can’t think of where I want to go outside the sea. Daniel Craig’s 007 series was good until Skyfall. However, the fourth work “Spector” was disappointed to return to the original 007 series that neglected femininity. It is anachronistic. In the first place, the existence of macho 007 itself is anachronistic now. However, the “macho that neglects femininity” is a longing for a bad man who occupies many of the 007 series audience, so it may have had to be restored. The more bad men, the more women want to behave on the macho. All the Taliban men are useless men. The grandfathers of politicians who are dominating Japanese society, and the grandfather in the countryside who are dominating local politics, have the same mental structure as the Taliban men. That’s fine. The 007 series is a movie where you can see your head empty (originally an empty person). But, even if it was, the car action was disappointing. Isn’t the car chase being performed only in the middle of the night, where there are no passers -by or other cars at all? It is disappointing that there is no such natural sense of realism, such as hitting other cars and enclosing passengers. I don’t see the next work “No Time To Dai”. I wrote earlier that “No Time To Dai” has not been downloaded yet, but it has 온라인바카라 not been sold yet. Anyway, I think Daniel Craig’s 007 series should be full of “Casino Royal”, “Comfort Reward” and “Sky Fall”. “Cast Away”. Tom Hanks’s acting and roles are amazing. The movie must be drawn in unintentionally if you have dived in the southern sea. However, there was something that was not clear for the last 15 minutes. The last should have ended when the crossroads and where they did not know where to arrive. Nevertheless, it ended when Tom Hanks’s face was upset, “Where should I go?” By copying that expression, the intention of the movie has become easier to draw, but it is not a good thing to understand. There was a lot of lingering to end the metaphor. But it may be useless because there are many people who can’t read metaphors today. And most of all, the monologue scene comes out a little before the scene of the road. Who is the setting to tell you? The boat (sponsor) increased and the ship climbed the mountain. It is a typical example that a fool gives money and breaks the movie with extra mouth. Nevertheless, Tom Hanks’s survival life on a solitary island should be praised, and the farewell scene with Wilson approached. I want to see it again. You don’t have to look at the last 15 seconds and the monologue. “Trans World”. I wonder if it’s a horror movie that respects Blair Witch Project in a low budget movie. I enjoyed it until the end with an unexpected development. The script and the actor were good. Let’s see again. I don’t care at all, but the eyes of Akira of “Cast Away” and “The Fubble” are very similar and I’m very worried. “Trans World”. I wonder if it’s a horror movie that respects Blair Witch Project in a low budget movie. I enjoyed it until the end with an unexpected development. The script and the actor were good. Let’s see again. Jiji (a movie that is very active by the elderly) is my favorite genre, but “Last Vegas” was the worst. I expected Robert de Niro because it appeared. It’s too terrible, and I don’t want to write it. “Geisands” was a good movie except for the Japanese title. But I don’t see it twice. This weekend, we plan to watch the wheelchair -related movie “Don’t WORRY”, “the strongest two”, and “how to move your life”.

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