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“Las Vegas Travel Louis Vuitton NOE BB”

When I was watching Ametoke, I fell asleep.

When I get up in the morning, there is no husband to be next to me!

When I looked for it, I was sleeping in a couch.

I’m afraid to ask if I bought it at a casino or lost

I didn’t realize when my husband came back to the room.

Vegas had to walk anyway, so it was a good exercise and it was a sleeping sleep.

Check out the luggage and check out ~

If you load your luggage in the car

To the Bellagio store in Louis Vuitton.

It was just after opening, so there was no line,

I was immediately guided to the store.

Ka Wow!

The clerk did not know that there was stock

NOé BB❤️

Even if it arrives, it will be sold out immediately

It seems that there are few opportunities to see the real thing.

・ DRAWSTRING, which is currently addicted, is too cute

Bellagio was the only shop where the bag I was looking for was in stock.

This NOE BB is

The reward for the bonus,

As a birthday gift for yourself

I thought I would buy it when I met someday.

I went to see only the bag I was looking for this time, so I stayed for 15 minutes in the 카지노 store. My husband who has been drinking in a bar near the store after drinking in Bloody Mary. When I bought a bag and returned in a hurry, I ordered the soup to match the timing of returning. It’s kind 🤣

After eating, let’s return some of the tickets we won yesterday! When I thought

My husband puts a $ 20 bill into the slot machine.

It was an atmosphere that came home completely, but why did you put $ 20 now?

I don’t know if I was called to the slot machine,

Immediately rush into the probable change!

5 minutes later, it became $ 87.

That’s amazing!

I didn’t pour the amount I bought on the tone

Immediately after cashing, I went home immediately. 🤣

NOE BB🥰 in a box that is too huge against the size of the bag

I’m going to add the top handle and remodel the strap a little to make it easier to use.

Everyone leaves Vegas on Sunday afternoon, so the traffic jam seems to be crazy.

It was fun for 2 nights and 3 days!

Las Vegas was terrible! 🤣

“Fight Politics” Hold the reins and get on the horse

Nagazuki Akira Kodansha 2008/9/18

・ When I was 35 years old, I was surprised and impressed when I was born for the first time in my life. Politicians are unreliable occupations. She felt such a gaze while aiming for a politician.

・ Looking at the face of everyone who is diligent and paying taxes seriously, I am sorry for the current state of Japan, which is throwing taxes into the dub.

・ After graduating from university, I joined NEC and became a salesman for a large computer. The common sense of private companies experienced there and the common sense of Nagata -cho and Kasumigaseki are too far away. This is the starting point of my political activity.

・ Later, I changed jobs to a reporter of the Nikkei Business, an economic magazine, and had the opportunity to take a bird’s -eye view of economic and politics in general.

・ After serving as the secretary -general of the Heisei Restoration Association, launched by critic Kenichi Omae, he became a member of the Democratic House of Representatives in 2000 after one defeat in the lower house election. 。 His parents were not politicians, but it was an election campaign from scratch.

・ I realized the problems of the Japanese rule organization. It was a series of anger and surprise that made me want to yell at, “Is this allowed?” This anger and surprise are the driving force of the activity.

・ I hope for your smile and repeat the road by repeating the “thorough pursuit and proposal” to the government.

・ My catchphrase that I still use from my first horse is “I can’t be silent anymore!” Turn the common sense of Nagata -cho, the common sense of Kasumigaseki, and change Japan.

・ Even if the Prime Minister and the Minister draw a positive answer from the Diet, the bureaucrats ignore most of the answers unless they are directly instructed by the boss, the director or section manager. The director does not execute all of the Prime Minister or the Minister’s answer, but makes a choice.

・ Currently, Kasumigaseki is the top of the bureaucratic organization, the director of the Secretary -General and Director, and the Minister, the Deputy Minister, and the government officer are treated as customers. The government does not move on the parliament to respond in the Diet. The bureaucrats consider only the prime minister and the Minister’s answer in the Diet. I haven’t even heard the Diet answer in my field. The political party that allows it is also sad. A runaway government, politics who cannot control it. The current political party is in a state of riding a horse without holding the reins. It is the postponement politics to cover the defects in the governance mechanism.

・ Japan is filled with five typical systems that automatically generate tax waste at the center of the country. The waste is accumulated in bureaucrats’ normal duties. Investigating seven advanced countries, no other country has such a waste system.

In order to rebuild Japan’s finances and secure social security resources, it is necessary to first put a scalpel in the tax waste system and turn the floating resources into social security.

・ Was it a democracy given from above due to the Meiji Restoration and defeat rather than acquired by the power of the people? Moreover, it is a pseudo -democracy that sovereign people cannot control bureaucrats.

・ A bureaucrat who is arrogant with power and cannot grasp the substance, and politics that swallows reports that go up from bureaucrats. Who is the final manager in Japan? This uneasy anxiety made me go to a politician.

・ Japan is a country that has to work in the Diet to wipe the assassination of numerous government offices. If the government office has gained the trust of the people and is doing a solid work, it doesn’t have to be a problem in the Diet.

・ The second time I received the word “don’t worry about anxiety” was the Diet deliberations on the “disappeared pension” issue.

・ Bureaucrats who do not raise information to politics, politics who leave it without checking it. Japan has a defect in the governing mechanism, can control bureaucrats, and operates a country without the person in charge.

・ Two security, social security and security are the cornerstone of the nation. When the trust of the pension, which is a representative of social security, is about to collapse, why not work on solving the problem of “disappearing pensions” as a political -led national project, and concentrate on people, things, and money for a short term. I will achieve a certain achievement in the meantime.

・ There is no drill, but there are no governments in developed countries so much.

・ As a result of the Social Insurance Agency many times, it was found that 23 million records floated in the air that were not integrated into the basic pension numbers in the air number over 65 years old. The number is 50 million.

・ Eventually, the word, “If you do not release materials, stop the committee.” The bureaucrats are stupid opposition members, but they are afraid that the committee will stop and the minister and government office will be annoying. Because it affects your career.

・ Democratic’s preliminary surveys have officially announced a number of records that have floated in the air in total, and the government has to withdraw the excuse of special cases.

・ Japan is abnormal. Isn’t there any advanced country where administrative information is so high? If you submit materials to opposition members, the bureaucrats will be rated and will support you in your career.

・ Regarding all systems, only civil servants must stop special systems and have the same system for the public and private sectors.

・ Japan has a defect in the governing organization. He has not been able to control bureaucrats. The problem is on the political side of the bureaucrat’s runaway. Don’t just end with just criticism of bureaucrats.

・ What can the minister can do alone? Currently, there are multiple deputy ministers and government officers, but they are not clearly stipulated to be ridiculed as “cecal” and float in the air. “Bureaucrat vs. politicians, a battle without Jin has begun.” From other developed countries, it is an eruption.

・ If there is a company where the president and the subordinates are always fighting, they are going bankrupt immediately. In this sense, Japan is already going bankrupt if it is a company.

・ During the long -standing one -party rule, a lot of lending and borrowing between bureaucrats and politicians have been made, and the relationship has been coexisted.

・ However, at present, the Prime Minister and Minister who have been sent out, “Make the government and supervise” have become “mummy mummy”. In other words, even though they were sent to control the government, they were controlled by the government and turned to the side who defend the government.

<"Politicians control bureaucrats" -This is the biggest issue in Japanese politics>

・ Since the Meiji Restoration, politicians and people cannot control the former Imperial Army and other military.

・ In Japan, a system that automatically generates waste of taxes and insurance premiums, which is not found in other developed countries, is embedded in the center of the country. It happened that there was a problem with a problem with a problem, but a mechanism that would be waste in everyday work has been created.

If it is a matter of value whether it is a waste or a waste, it can be paraphrased as a “expenditure that does not need to increase the tax.”

・ Typical examples of this waste system If you take five initials, it will be Hat-Kz, a hat-kaz system.

H = String subsidy system

A = Amakudari Turning / Brokerage System

T = Special accounting system

K = Government rigging system

Z = voluntary contract system

・ In conclusion, there are no waste systems as in Japan if you look at seven advanced countries.

“Weekly Diamond 2014/7/12”

“2083 Japan’s population is halved.

・ 2083. This is the year when the population of Japan is halved.

・ As of 2014, the population of about 12.6 billion was 06.3 billion in 1983. Meanwhile, the population decreases by about 900,000 every year. Chiba City has a population of about 960,000, and it is an account that such local governments disappear one by one every year. You can see how serious the population decline is.


・ Due to such a sense of crisis, there have been a number of proposals that it should expand the declining birthrate and increase the birth rate.

・ However, there are many criticisms in such numerical targets. It can give women a impressive impression.

・ In other words, the main factor in the decline in birth rates is the rise in the unmarried rate (including late marriage), and the focus is on lowering the unmarried rate in order to increase the birth rate.

・ However, the average number of ideal children in 10 years is 2.4, and even if the unmarried rate remains the current situation, if the number of couples of the couple can be approached to the ideal child, the birth rate will recover to about 1.6, and the population will be about 1.6. Half a reduction can be postponed until 2102.

・ Is there a future in the economy of the country where the population is halved about 70 years later? Countermeasures against declining birthrate have a perspective of investing in the future, and now we should implement “different dimensions to reduce the declining birthrate” with a determination of non -retrofit.

■■■ What I think, hear, and think ■■■


・ With the invasion of Ukraine in Russia, Western countries imposed “economic sanctions”, but their effects are not allowed. The currency rubles have crashed, and the Russian economy is likely to make a considerable blow, but it is reflectively impacted in Europe and the United States and Japan. Russia’s domestic situation has been reported, but it may be serious. Ukraine is said to be “the largest refugee crisis of the century.”

It seems that the economy and social situation will no longer return to the new colon virus, and the economy and social situation will no longer be returned to “Corona”. It is likely that more and more stores are forced to make difficult choices such as scales and transfer and closure.

・ The “Great Problem of Japan” includes the new coloner, directly under the capital, giant Nankai Trough earthquakes, heavy rain due to abnormal weather, heavy rain and super typhoon, world population problem, food problem, water resource problem, declining birthrate aging, There are many difficulties, such as aging infrastructure, Japanese population decline, foreign workers, immigration issues, Chinese issues, etc. “There is no problem. Reforms are constantly delayed.”

Since the author was a former trading man, he claimed “globalization” as a matter of course. He was also a former Chinese ambassador, so he was said to have been praised. Everyone states in Japan that “don’t do war,” but it is said that “there is a lack of the perspective of the war.”

It seems that the world’s cruel story continues, “17 people starvation in the world starvation in one minute, and 12 of them are children”, but they will be even more serious. “Neither problem is a threat in front of everyone, not an unnecessary worry.”

・ By the way, it is said that politicians should use the government, which is the largest think tank in Japan. Since the government is the largest think tank in Japan, it will be active. In the past, most of the things were often said to read the government agency’s “white paper”, but now should we check “government homepage”?

Konosuke Matsushita said, “I should make it because there is no national political institute in Japan.” Certainly, the “Economic Research Institute” has many public and private sectors, but does it not directly have an organization to study politics?

It has been pointed out that the parliamentary is a skeleton. “The parliamentary member is just a decoration, but a mechanism for civil servants to manage legislation is called” bureaucracy “. It is said that the bureaucracy system is not adapted to the times, so system fatigue and deterioration are noticeable. It is said that a “national remodeling plan” that combines wisdom of the best & bristest technoclato, a well -known state -run practice, is required.

・ The author said, “But in the next 30 years, there is no doubt that the earthquake around the magnitude 7 will occur. The earthquake is inevitable as Japan is in the largest earthquake on earth.” “In the coming 30 years, incidents such as the global spread of the new Coronavirus that occurred in early 2020 will continue to happen in the future, looking back on the past.” In the year, there is almost no good material for Japanese society. There are many problems. Among them, if there is a slight opportunity in Japan, it will be a huge market between China and ASEAN. ” 30 years before it became, democratization would gradually increase. At the same time, the autonomy of ethnic minorities should gradually increase. However, it takes time to solve the problem. “It was the time of the era of the 20th century, if the war in the 20th century fought over petroleum, the 21st century would be a century for water over the water.” The number of people decreases as close as possible. As a result, I want you to imagine how lonely spectacles appear in various parts of Japan. “


・ Unfortunately, Omicron stocks are rampant in the world. It seems that you do not know how to fall.

By the way, Japan is no longer rich in developed countries. Various statistics are no longer the numbers of developed countries, and can be converted to politics, but the politics of the country is said to not be the people of the country. The rank as a developed country is continuing. The cause is that the Diet has not fulfilled the functions that the constitution had assumed. It seems that system fatigue and shape are terrible.

It seems that discussions on laws to increase productivity of Japanese companies are increasing. It is said that as in the past, “Japan is amazing” and should not be narcissistic or fall into a “self -opposite view”. The number of voices in the city is increasing in the city. “The appointment of women is not a developed country.” It has been pointed out that women are most not used in the use of human resources.

In the age of aging population, “distribution”, “Improvement of productivity”, “utilization of women and the elderly”, “employment of disabled people”, “children’s poverty”, and “solving foreign workers” are important. It is said. The economic policy seems to be only “continuous trial and error”. Corona Pandemic was “the blue sky.” It seems that the hit on the economy cannot be assumed.

The authors said, “In the case of small businesses, tax incentives work, so if you pay wages to workers, there are many places to distribute the rest as their own executive compensation. So 70 % of Japanese companies are in the red. “In Japan, there are many people who use internal reserves as a problem, but if they are correctly evaluated, they should take measures against the cause of internal reserves, not as a result of internal reserves. , “There are various ideas that are the minimum wage raised, or the basic income (minimum livelihood warranty). We will normalize the finances while redistributing income. This is important. I think it will be a point. “

Traditional economic problems and policies do not work for Corona Pandemic

I entered an unexplored area, but digital transformation (DX)

It doesn’t seem to be able to survive alone. Due to the fatigue of the Diet, there are very many problems with the election system that has finally changed, and accusations from intellectuals are increasing.

A long time ago, “Kasumigaseki was said to be suicide of Okura, correspondence of childbirth, and foreign affairs.” It may be continuing in modern times. The victims and their families are aging, and what will happen to the abduction case? It is said that the power of a politician seems to be the weakness of this problem for decades. The parliamentarians say that the mechanism for civil servants to manage legislation is “the bureaucracy cabinet system.”

It is strange that the police can not do a special scam for more than 10 years.

Even if it is a wire fraud (special fraud), the victim is elderly and the damage amount is large, but it can be seen that the police investigation cannot be exhausted.

“Even if the pacifist has been changing peace for many years, the abduction case has not been resolved.” It has been pointed out that even if a pacifist has been shouting “peace” for decades, the problem of abductions cannot be solved for more than 40 years. According to an expert, there is a story that “the abduction issue will be resolved over the next 40 years, and the northern territory should be resolved over the next 70 years.”

“If it’s an” ordinary country, “I think I will have nuclear weapons. Also, it is the modern international community to do that.”

It is also a strange phenomenon that no politician shouts, saying, “Before deploying nuclear weapons, a nuclear shelter development.” It is said that a reasonable thinking is required to say, “Nuclear is a nucleus to prevent nuclear threats.”

It has been pointed out that the nuclear shelter method should have given priority over casinos. If the brain weather (no weather) is in this area, will Japan disappear from history?

It is said that “Japanese people go up when they go abroad.” It is said that “sweet international sense and poor language skills have greatly damaged national interests.”

Some scholars argue that they do not do military or weapons research for peace, but it is said to have caused nuclear attacks. It is often pointed out that there are so many “peace bokeh” people who are actually receiving “nuclear threats”.

It is said that “I do not leave the gateway, I will go to the villain,” but it is pointed out that it is in a state of hiding head and hiding ass. What surprised me recently was the frozen skipjack theft at Yaizu Port. It seems that evil did not expose for a long time. According to the officials, there seems to be a story of a corner of the iceberg. Corruption is sometimes reported, but it is said that “Hama’s Masago is exhausted. However, it is said that “evil is always exposed.”

According to the Internet information (2021/12/23),

“The Frozen Bonito theft Case at Yaizu Port is involved in the case of a frozen bonito a subsidiary of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police, and the prefectural police are suspected of theft on the 22nd over the frozen bonito theft case landed at Yaizu Port in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture. We searched for the headquarters of the Ocean A -ande F (Chuo -ku, Tokyo) and the Yaizu Sales Office (Yaizu City). “

By the way, it is said that “there is no problem. Reforms are constantly delayed.” For example, it is said that if you verify the history of humanity so far, it is the most dangerous policy to have a large amount of immigrants from abroad from abroad.

The word “drastic review” is frequently used for system reform. “Reforms are delayed because really good bureaucrats, public servants, and politicians are not appointed.” It has been pointed out that the words, “Putting the defects in the rule of the governing mechanism, is the postponement politics” and “premature time” are frequently used, and the reforms have been delayed each time.

It is said that Japan’s overseas assistance has decades, and it should be reviewed and restructured boldly. There is also a major problem with overseas assistance, and it is said that an overseas assistance plan is required to combine wisdom of the best and bristest technoclato, which is well -developed in overseas assistance.

Politicians and bureaucrats’ scandals and misunderstanding reports are said to be anxious for the people and the people are ashamed. It is said that “only politics worth the ridicule while the people are ridiculing politics”, and “politics has been the most delayed for a long time. It is said that “the political system has become a skeleton. Especially local autonomy is not functioning.” As a result, incidents and accidents occur frequently. In the past, it was pointed out that there were many prison cases of big politicians.

It is said that “power is likely to rot, absolute power is absolutely corrupted. The great people are almost always bad.” According to John Ackon, it is pointed out that “power always rots, but the people (masses) will rot further.”

It seems that eternal trial and error about policy continues. Deterioration of economic and politics, deterioration of Kasumigaseki’s deterioration of politicians, deterioration of government officials and bureaucrats, and “deteriorated archipelago”, but it is also expected that if there is a major Nankai Trough earthquake, Japan will not 에볼루션카지노 be a developed country. I am. There is also a future forecast that “Japan will disappear in developed countries in 2040”.

The era of the Corona Pandemic crisis is required to have a “National Remodeling Plan” that combines the wisdom of the best and bristest technoclat, which is well -developed in national management.


・ The pandemic of the new colon virus has fallen into the world seriously. The appearance of aftercorona seems to be very different from the previous society. It is said that it takes several years to recover, as the new colon virus forcibly reduces business and business sales. The number of economic impact is gradually coming out. However, the economic environment does not seem to return in the same way. People are not consumed by the pandemic and economic blow. It seems that it is necessary to focus on vaccination and survive. It seems that the Olympic and Paralympics cancellation theory is also appearing worldwide. It may be “Chest Hatcho”.

・ It is said that if you change one system or system, the society may change significantly. For example, “one legal amendment may make people and society brighter.” However, it is said that the word “premature” is frequently used and reforms are postponed.

Kenichi Omae’s view that “universities should be positioned as a place for vocational education and do not need a liberal arts course,” will give a great impact on society if executed. It is said that programming education should also be a compulsory subject for universities and should respond to the shortage of programmers in the near future. Although reform proposals for various social systems have been proposed by experts and the general public, it is said that bold reforms will not proceed from the resistance of vested rights without a large historical case, as in the case of the defeat after the defeat. increase. There seems to be a wealth of issues that should be reformed in the postdoc, university education issues, and education and academic societies. Is it necessary to reduce the burden of parents and “work immediately” because high education is increasing? Corona shock seems to be forcing society to make a lot of transformation.

By the way, it is said that there is not a good idea to revive Japan. Will Japan change if the education system is reformed as “university is a place for vocational education”? Is it easy to say it is difficult to do? Industrial innovation doesn’t seem easy.

Originally, it seems to be a matter of distribution of national budgets, and bold restructuring of government, legislation, and justice is required to twist the financial resources.

It is said that the “National Remodeling Plan” is required in the era of the pandemic national crisis that combines the wisdom of the best and bretestest technoclato, which is well -developed in the business of national management.

It is said that politics is the most late. Before the “lost 20 years”, it was said to be “economic top -notch, politics second -class”, but is now called “economic second -class, three -class politics”. Also, there seems to be more critical reputation. “While the people are ridiculing politics, only politics worth the ridicule.”

“Which of the bureaucrats and politicians, which one win?” From other developed countries, it is said that it is an eruption. The scandal reports of bureaucrats and politicians are said to be anxious for the people and shame. “Reforms are delayed because really good bureaucrats and politicians are not appointed.” “In Kasumigaseki, it was said to be suicide of Okura, correspondence of childbirth, and foreign affairs.” The important Ministry of Foreign Affairs has long been bad for the abilities and reputation, the victims of the abduction case and their families are aging, and what will happen to the abduction case? It is said that this may take decades to take decades, and the power of politicians and the incompetence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is generally said that “the national interest is greatly damaged by sweet international sense and poor language skills.” The Abe administration was expected to resolve the abduction case, but it was unfortunate. It has been pointed out that a member of parliament is just a decoration, and a mechanism for civil servants to manage legislation is called “bureaucracy”. As a result of the fact that the human resources of really good bureaucrats and politicians have not been appointed, it is said that “mortality is continuing.”

It seems that there are various problems that have not been experienced in foreign workers before. “If you verify the history of humanity so far, it is the most dangerous policy to have a large amount of immigrants from abroad from abroad.” It seems that the number of voices, “Is Japan a developed country?”

“Omae Ken’s Ichi World Tide 2021-22” (President 2021/5/20) has been published.

・ (2021/1/18)

It seems that concerns about the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are becoming international. There seems to be various views on the IOC. Looking at the spread of pandemic, it is said that the tournament is impossible in terms of schedule.

Various intellectuals have published books with Corona shock. As it has become a global pandemic, predictions of global institutions are coming out. It has been pointed out that “survival scenarios” cannot be easily drawn. It is said that “there is no IF in history” or “history repeats”. It seems that the history of history and the current pandemic can be similar. It is said that not only the political situation in the United States and China but also Russia’s trends is important.

For example, (2020/6/22), China seems to be relentless of the “Owl Drawing Policy”, as in the case of “Chinese and India’s collision with the Indian Army = at least 40 people died = the highest government official”. In other words, it is said that China frequently uses a brutal policy, which is a political method that urges negotiations to negotiations by increasing tension, in diplomatic fields.

By the way, it seems that the “future prediction” of individuals and organizations does not hit much. In particular, this pandemic seems to be very small for medical professionals.中国の「超限戦」の概念についても古くから言われており、サイバースパイ等の「秘密戦」が、頻繁に行われていたと報道されています。サイバー戦争についても私たち一般人には、よく分かりません。



著者(塚口直史氏)は「 年齢を重ねれば、パターン化された形で到来する現象を数多く経験されているでしょうし、歴史に造詣の深い方なら「未来はあるパターンを持って訪れる」ということを、古今東西、歴史上の出来事に垣間見るはずです」、「 わが国は国際貿易に依存している無資源国であり、国際社会が激変の度合いを増している以上、国にとっても、企業にとっても、個々人にとっても、「 変化に合わせて対応でないこと 」や「 動かないこと 」がリスクなるのです」、「 中国・武漢に端を発する感染症がもたらした社会の激変は、“感染爆発が収束しても、世界が完全に元どおりになることはない”」 と主張しています。

・NEWSWEB NHK(2021/1/16)によりますと、

「 新型コロナの世界の死者数200万人を超える 」


アメリカのジョンズ・ホプキンス大学のまとめによりますと、 新型コロナウイルスで亡くなった人の数は、日本時間の16日午前3時の時点で、世界全体の累計で200万905人となりました。



一方、世界全体の感染者の数は、累計で9300万人を超えていて 、一部の国ではワクチンの接種が始まったものの、変異したウイルスが各国に広がるなど、感染拡大に歯止めがかからない状況が続いています」と報道されています。感染爆発は、収束が不透明な状況になってきています。




ネットのおかげで『トンデモ大予言』を頻繁に目にするようになり、大衆の予言に対する感覚が麻痺してしまっています 。予言にもさまざまな情報のプロの解釈が必要のようです。「情報のプロの世界では、第3次世界大戦はすでに始まっている」というのです。荒唐無稽な話ですので私たち一般人には、理解不能です。「 天災は忘れた頃にやってくる 」といわれます。「備えあれば憂いなし」ですが、災害コストは想定できなくなるほどかかる懸念があります。マスクを備蓄しておけばよかったですね。この騒ぎでアメリカでは自衛のために銃の販売が通常の10倍に増えたそうで、お国ぶりが窺われます。また米国の失業者数が急拡大したりして雇用危機のようです。




・『100歳までの読書』において、 「死後の世界は未知の国だ。旅立ったものは一人としてもどったためしがない 」そうですが、輪廻転生の際には前世の記憶が消されるといわれます。寿命が延びたので「100歳」に関する本が増えているようです。amazonに「100歳」といれますと10000冊以上が分かります。『足の専門医が教える100歳までスタスタ歩ける足のつくり方』というような「健康に関する本」や100年時代の人生戦略のような人生論、ライフプランの本が増えています。「一病息災」なのかもしれません。身辺や家の整理も必要で「断捨離」が言われ、「 ある年齢に達したら、もう購入しない、と決心する。必要なものは図書館を利用するというのが、一つの方法だろう」といわれます。ネット時代ですが、「読書は新聞に始まって新聞で終わる」のかもしれません。あれもこれもと情報が膨大で、情報に追われるよりも「新聞」だけで十分だともいわれます。 しかしながら、現代人はネットやスマートフォンに費やす時間が多い状況のようです。古本も非常に安くなり1円で売られている古本も多くある過剰な本の時代になりました。






・インタ―ネット情報によると(2017/2/8)「 ゴールドマン・サックス、自動化でトレーダー大幅減、3割がエンジニアに 」「世界最大級の投資銀行ゴールドマン・サックスは金融取引の自動化を進め、全社員の3分の1がエンジニアになった。2000年には600人いたニューヨーク本社の株式トレーダーは、今では2人しかいない」とのこと。金融のトレード部門にはAI(人工知能)が大幅に導入されているようです。

・『宇宙人は本当に実在する』(矢追純一 河出書房新社 1998/7/15)によると、


元・米国国防総省(ペンタゴン)の情報高官フィリップ・コーソウ中佐の驚くべき爆弾証言によると、「1947年、米ニューメキシコ州のロズウェルにUFOが墜落し、宇宙人の死体が回収されたばかりか、UFOの残骸から得られたテクノロジーは中佐自身の手によって、民間の軍需産業に流された。その成果が今日の携帯電話や、パソコン、TVゲーム、電子レンジ等として結実した 」というのだ。 しかも、UFO製造については、旧ソ連や中国、英国、ドイツ、フランス等の国々もすでに手がけているというのだ 」と記載されてあります。 エイリアン・エンジニアリングによる人類の科学の進化の速度は飛躍的に進むようです。「大衆がパニックになるので、アバブ・トップシークレットにした 」と指摘されています。