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Thank you for visiting, liking, etc.

Today is a transfer holiday due to a typhoon.

Most of the shops are closed and transportation is completely stopped.

Organizing fishing gear and cleaning before moving.

It was a surprisingly meaningful time because I wouldn’t do it until the last minute (laughs)

Yesterday, there was a house -related meeting in the morning before the typhoon.

Play in the forest as it is …

It was like this when I thought

I moved to the store

Evolved Kamen Rider

I liked it so I attached it.

I like this standard guy rather than the strongest or different dimensions.

Dive for about 4 races,

Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that it’s the strongest abilities in Gamba history? Hey. First of all, I think about the measures for Aniva Zero One, and go to Chronos + Aniba Ex -Zade. AP or AP reset is better than double reset immediately 카지노사이트 after slot reset? In the first and two rounds, they put out two chronos and use them. At this point, it is in an advantage at this point, but it is an image of the last two gamba and the slot reset. Although it is strict if the development that cannot be taken first, it is also a defensive position to the throt -up system at the start of rounds such as the slot reset. The strength is that the slot -up system at the time of the burst does not easily burst. The image of such a figure by cutting three rounds in the winning pattern.

Weapons are physical strength +600

Gamba Sword type Pink ⚔️

is not it.

Those who lost 3 wins and 1 loss and lost those who used a 1000 -Tekue 3 -up connector for the lost driver.

I was in a hurry in my head, so I decided that I could surpass it, so I chose AP …

I forgot my physical strength in Dagba’s abilities.

Two consecutive counters from losing gauge, two consecutive counters,

That was the only way to lose.

There was no way to do it here because the opponent’s connector selection was fine play.

Thank you for the match m (_ _) m

I got a feeling that could be handled to some decks, so I’ll dive here again.

Thank you very much.

Phantom back blog

Theatrical company “The previous article is” dollar and circle “

When you hear the story of the students who moved overseas

The goodness of Japanese services is at an unusual level

The inflation pace is gentle and easy to live.

However, the BOJ and the Ministry of Finance OB

(Eventually the circle is out of paper

Japan is in hyperinflation

It looks like Zimbabwe. )

Considering that it is leaking off with off -recording

For hyperinflation

We recommend stockpiling in the actual US dollar and GOLD.

That was the story. “

CS “Hi, yes.”

“I commented on the previous article.”

“By the way, the commenter is

I am a 40 -year -old male student N living in Aomori Prefecture. “

(The following is an excerpt part from the comment)

(Mr. N comment)


This article has a slightly strange impression.

Is it from around Zimbab Edol …

It may be said that it is in terms of content.

It seems that the first half is good in the second half …

(CS reply)

> This article has a slightly strange impression.

The BOJ and the Ministry of Finance OB

(Like Zimbabue

The circle runs out of paper. )

I am convinced

The fact that the back is cool

Bother to put

(If you read it, you lose energy)

“The world’s end blog”

That’s it.

Recently, even students who do not read

It is increasing.

Because if you don’t know the facts, you can live easier

That’s fine.

There is an incident that symbolizes the decline of Japan from now on

Every time I get up

It will be even deeper than this time

I feel.

It has a bad effect on people

Because it is very possible

Will it be closed if the number of readers decreases to a certain number?

I think it will be a limited release.

(Comment part ends)

Theatrical company “The number of students who do not read articles is increasing

I was a little surprised. “

CS “A rejection is coming out.”

Theatrical company “What does a rejection mean?”

CS “This is a problem of how to perceive the mysterious line

The mysterious line I think is

Without being tied to all common sense or values

Looking directly at the reality as it is,

A reaction to your body and consciousness to it

Read as a wave sense,

Equipped the obtained wave information logically

Can you find something?

That’s an attempt. “

“As a result, gaining rules and awareness

It may be called enlightenment to expand the world view


The important thing here is for all common sense and values

It means not to be tied up. “

“Fortune -teller and psychic who are highly intercourse are themselves

It’s like a family that won’t hit when it comes to a family

In the true story

Tanmichi Sigen opens and the wave can be read quite accurately

Even if you are a student, your family is involved (the family is safe)

Only the result will come out. “

“Even if I point out dozens of times

Looking at the same mistakes,

People are really afraid

I feel affection

Mentally dependent objects

You lose.

I realize. “

Theatrical company “Qigong treaters who have lived in Taiwan before

The vibrations of patients living in Japan due to remote qigong

I read and treated Qigong

Even though the wife living with me is a brain tumor

An article that I didn’t notice at all until it was too late

It was there. “

CS “Qigong family in Taiwan has been able to treat remotely qigongs,

(The wife living with me is okay!)

Because I couldn’t erase the bias

I couldn’t save my wife from illness. “

Theatrical company “Everyone has a family and a loved family

The future of dying in an accident or an accident

I don’t want to think. “

CS “But Taiwanese spirituals have their wife cancer

Always think about the future of dying in an accident

If you read the wave or inspect it

The probability of being saved was high. “

“Everyone and family seek safety and security, so myself and my family

On the contrary, it is unhappy, but on the contrary, it is safe and secure. “

“I feel like it’s a waste to see,

I guess it can’t be helped because it’s such a human. “

“So Sendo researcher Soichiro Takato Takato

In “Sendo Future Forecast” (abandoning the ego)

I persistently preach the importance. “

“As Mr. Takato says,

Sendo dies when he should die.

It is said that myself and my family are ruined and die

If you accept the worst result,

By correct future prediction without bias

The probability of avoiding misfortune increases. “

“People who are doing mysterious lines such as meditation and qigong methods

More than 90 % of you do not notice yourself

I’m doing it. “

Theatrical company “What is different?”

CS “Religion.”

“The essence of religion is (being saved),

A sense of security that (it’s okay) for believers

Give it. “

“If you believe in God, when you’re alive (OK)

Even if you get sick and your death approaches

If you go to heaven (be saved)

(Reliable) I can do it for mental maintenance

Useful. “

“I often have a spiritual system

(I and my family are positive thinking

Because it is protected by the power of the guardian spirit

No matter what, it’s okay. )

The type like

He (I am not in religion)

You may think

The essence is the same as religion. “

“For those who are doing qigong or Kundalini line

(Because Kundalini is awakening and raising the vibration

I and my family are okay. )

There are really many people who think like this. “

“This is natural, I want to be lucky and rich.

Because I want to have the opposite sex or have some desire

You start a mysterious line. “

“I just want to be happy) (I want to be safe)

(I) will enter, so it will be a bias

No matter how much the wavy sense is opened, the correct judgment

I can’t. “

“Especially when it becomes something like the ruin of Japan

Anxiety about the future was stirred and rejected

It comes out. “

Theatrical company “What is the rejection?”

CS “Previously, FX’s Padawan (women in their 30s living in Tokyo)

And when I talked about power loss. “

(The following is the conversation part with Padawan)

CS: Tokyo promotes solar power generation and cars become an EV car

In the 2030s that switched

Hyper typhoon with an instantaneous wind speed of 90m due to an increase in seawater temperature

It’s coming every year

The power infrastructure in the Tokyo metropolitan area is destroyed and electricity and water supply

There is a high possibility that it will not be usable for more than a few months.

Padawan also has a small typhoon and sunshine hours

Like spending time in Singapore around January

Shouldn’t you do it?

Padawan: Overseas is more dangerous!

CS: Eh!

You can’t use water and electricity, it’s dangerous.

Padawan: I think Tokyo is still safer.

CS: Well, well, Singapore is 10 years later

The security may be worse, but …

(The conversation part ends)

Theatrical company “I guess there is absolutely nothing, but it’s a delicate place.”

CS “Last week, with Mr. N, a male student living in Kochi prefecture

It was talked about my overseas bases. “

“Mr. N is in the Philippines with friends twice a year

A person who goes abroad. “

(The following is the conversation part)

CS: Mr. N in the Philippines for the first time in three years at the end of the year

You go.

Mr. N: Is CS making overseas bases?

CS: (FX Trade) (English learning) Except for the top existing

No information comes down.

Do you really go abroad in such a condition?

If you read the wave a year later, Coronovirus rampages

You can see the coming arrival.

For the time being, I’m examining permanent residence overseas.

Mr. N: Unlike CS’s article,

I don’t think Japan will be ruined.

CS: At worst, where the power of Japan dropped and the US military fled,

The PLA and Russia are with Chinese in Japan

Response to the Ainu people that the roots claim to be Russia

If you advance in name,

Japan disappears in the long term due to massacre and ethnic purification

There is a possibility.

Of course, it converges without that

There is a possibility.

Where is the flow going?

Well, Mr. N does not destroy Japan

Isn’t that okay if you bet on the flow?

Read the flow of the market like FX and casinos

Just bet on the future you chose.

You just have to hit your favorite gambling.

Mr. N (Japan will not be ruined!)

It means betting,

I made an overseas base for the time being

What kind of plan will come there?

Let’s look at the situation for a while.

Personally, I was deceived by a young woman

Can you be ruined and ruined?

I think.

Like Yukio Mishima

Meet Fam Fatal at the end

If you can ruin it, it’s romantic.

N: That’s right …

(The conversation part ends)

Theatrical company “Mr. N (I don’t think Japan will be ruined.))

Is it? “

CS “(Is there a rejection reaction?)

I felt a little. “

Theatrical company “Certainly, it depends on CS’s words

I have an impression. “

CS “I guess it wasn’t that intentional,

Neither of them had a reasonable explanation

There may be no clear grounds or reasons. “

“I just have a problem.”

Theatrical company “What is the problem?”

CS “I get up with the end of the corona shock

I became interested in changes in the situation,

Sendo Future Predictions have a sense of wave and reality

As a result of combining the signed part

(A massive destruction is approaching Japan.)

I got the answer. “


(Through the situation where Japan is approaching

I want to tell you what Sendo Future Prediction is. )

(By Sendo Imperial Financial Technology using FX Trade

I would like to see how much the crisis can be taken. )

(About the Japanese crisis among the readers

I hope some people who use it will come out. )

I thought it was an article,

The Japanese society where everyone lives now will be destroyed

You don’t want to think. “

“Moreover, almost all of the participants have Qigong and mystery.

Interesting or giving Qigong guidance on good luck

I started receiving it

So suddenly the international situation, FX trade,

A topic that depreciates the depreciation of the yen

It is natural that even if it is put out, it will be Nannokocha. “

“Both FX Trade and Sendo Future Prediction have gained certain knowledge

If you follow the procedure,

It’s fun to solve the puzzle problem. “

“Don’t talk much about money or disasters

It is good to be teaching qigong normally. “

Theatrical company “Sherman FX Corps was also refused (laughs)”

CS “Gradually for the topic of destruction of Japan among the students

Seeing the rejection is spreading

(Should I stop anymore?)

I came to think so. “

“I have to actually try 10 or 20 years later

I don’t know the correct answer to Japan,

You just have to do whatever you like. “

Theatrical company “Hmm …”

CS “It’s a personal impression, but Japanese people are good

Instead, I really think “thoughts” or “wish”

An emotional thing comes in. “

CS “Things should be dry without any emotions

You can see the flow

Everyone was based on personal wishes and wet emotions

It doesn’t work because I see things with my assumptions. “

Theatrical company “CS seems to break the thousand cranes.”

CS “China in which Sendo was born is like an insect carrier.

It is a cruel world. “

“Even in modern times, like rockdown in Shanghai

Many starvation can come out due to powerful people

I don’t care about that. “

CS “Chinese

(There is no human rights in this country,

Our lives are one of the thoughts of the powerful people

It will be erased. )

I live separately. “

“In China, the 9th place politicians in the Communist Party ranking

Even though I am making fraudulent goods exceeding 1 trillion yen

Japanese people have not obtained an illegal money of 1 yen

I make a fuss about whether or not I was impressed. “

CS “From a Chinese perspective, the Japanese are quite purity

I guess it’s a sweet ethnic group. “

“The mysterious line is important in the soil and background that was established.

Like a Chinese

(The world is a merciless cruel world.)

Accept the fact

I have to be a person who can divide things

The essence of Sendo is extremely unreasonable. “

“I am not familiar with such a killing world view to the Japanese.

I think that safety and security are natural and do things

I think. “

“Sendo Future Prediction is not suitable for Japanese.”

“I can’t help pressing something that is not suitable

Sendo Future Forecast is a personal life work,

I decided not to handle it in Qigong Guidance. “

Theatrical company “Eh.”

CS “That’s why (Japan’s destruction) (overseas relocation)

The topic stimulates the rejection of the students,

For my future planning

I knew it was only a negative factor, so

Those who do not handle this blog post in the future

I thought it was good. “

CS “Just …”

Theatrical company “just?”

CS “However, the people who commented

I’m curious. “

Theatrical company “What does a comment mean?”

CS “Sendo Future Prediction The content of the article has become dark

I guess

Surgeon K, FX Padawan, Kumamoto W, etc.

The number of students who have not read is increasing,

Few people read the comments. “

Theatrical company “After all there is a strong rejection.”

CS “There are about one or two students to comment.”

“By the way, one person prepares for domestic real estate investment

I have a qualification for electrical construction

I feel that there is no connection to moving overseas. “

“On the other hand, comment on the topic of Japan’s destruction.

There are people who are eager. “

“in short,

In the comments section of this blog post

By people other than the participants of Qigong Guidance

There is a different flow. “

Theatrical company “There is such a thing.”

CS “In my wave sense,

When I was in a group of previous generations different from the students

I feel like I was an acquaintance. “

Theatrical company “Is it a previous life!”

CS “Almost all of these people are from Shaman Sendo Future Forecast

I feel that Japan’s destruction will occur with a very high probability

Like. “

Most of the students → (Japan will not be destroyed) (OK)

I do not 실시간바카라 read the article ・ I will not comment

Some people to comment → (What is the destruction of Japan a high probability?)

Read / comment on articles

Theatrical company “You’re breaking up wonderfully.”

CS “This Tanmichi Sugen blog is considered to most people,

“Thank you for everything! ! An article with a light content like

I will write it in around 2000 characters. “

Theatrical company “It’s safe to read articles with stress -free!”

CS “By shortening the content of the blog article and making it light content

Shortening the time spent in the article and reducing the rejection

The energy for the floating is to maintain the level of Qigong Guidance

To use for planning (FX trading, finance, language, overseas information)

It is reasonable. “

“But on the other hand, I want to master Sendo Future Prediction.

I am doing trial and error. “

“Cosmic Sherman, a small heretical in Japanese society

(Isn’t this true?)

I want someone to know. “

“Then, 1/3 of the participants no longer read

This world also bothered to comment on the blog

There are several strange people who can put it in. “

“This is bothered by using precious life time

In response to writing a comment on a heretical blog

It is courtesy to reward. “

“So, separate from the Tanmichi Shuten blog

How about making a back blog?

I thought. “

Theatrical company “Is it a back blog!”

CS “On the back blog (Japan destruction occurs with a high probability)

Based on my reality perception

Until now, I was hesitant to write on this blog

I wanted to write a deep content. “

Theatrical company “Deep content?”

CS “(1) Politics, economic and military news in Japan / World

Relationship of the future wave (= ruin)

② What kind of countermeasure?

Will you manage your asset?

③ Report of overseas bases,

Back information that I actually went to the site

④ Shaman’s thrilling overseas Nampa experience report

⑤ Left wing purge!

Serial column “Aka, immediate, slash! ! ]

It is an irregular update of articles such as

How about? I thought. “

Theatrical company “I think ① to ③ is good,

④⑤ has a suspicious atmosphere … “

CS “7 people who commented (not students)

If you invite to the back blog (amemember -limited article)

It will be possible. “

Theatrical company “But why are seven people a small number of people

Do you need it? “

CS “There was a gym of a certain mixed martial arts in the past,

There are students and office workers on the way home from work

Jiu -Jitsu and kick training guidance

I was receiving from the coach. “

“At the end time, the gym members

Only 5 to 6 people remain after returning. “

Theatrical company “Why?”

CS “And the coach,

To be really strong from now on

I’m starting to train back!


There is nothing gold -like kicking, crushing eyes

Half -killing Gorotsuki who has been fighting in the city

I teach tricks to do. “

Theatrical company “It’s amazing …”

CS “So far about Japan’s destruction and overseas migration

The topic was

I want to enjoy Jiu -Jitsu as a hobby.

I want to make a mitt as a diet.

To become a player of the mixed martial arts in the future

I’m in the gym.

For members such as

A trick to crush your opponent in a quarrel in the city

It’s like teaching. “


Tricks that cannot be exposed (destruction in Japan, moving overseas)

To teach secretly where there are no people

Does it make sense?

I thought. “

Theatrical company “So, do you really start a back blog?”

CS “No, I thought about it

From now on, the US interest rate has been raised

The recession (economic retreat) has become full -scale

FX trade is also affected,

While maintaining the level of Qigong Guidance

In addition to language learning and overseas base preparation

In addition to the back blog

It may cause distributing power. “

That’s why

I stopped making the back blog.

CS “While continuing this Tanmichi Shuten blog,

There is a risk of fueling anxiety (Japan destruction) (overseas migration)

Don’t touch the topic about it. “

“I don’t mention the topic in Qigong Guidance.”

Theatrical company “It’s a phantom back blog.”

CS “Regarding the world situation, domestic issues and waves

Sometimes I want to make an article with more yurui. “

Theatrical company “CS, in fact, I did the same thing for a long time

I was thinking. “

CS “What?”

Theatrical company “After all, it is an article or an article in Japan

It’s crazy. “

“I wish I had advised CS as soon as possible.”

“CS will be careful from now on, so

I look forward to working with you. “

CS “… …”

* The next article update date will be September 10th.