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“Practice Tamichare with Shige P with exciting dayz”

This time

What causal and Tamiya’s hand

(↑ A person who knows)

Continuation of the scam

With Tamiya

To Hobby Shop Dayz

(Kosen Ren)

Twin link hints

To the race

Why practice on DAYZ? ?

It’s a story

Car that doesn’t run on DAYZ

Even if you take it

Don’t run

DAYZ fast cars

It’s fast even

Really! (; ´∀ `)

In any case, this matter

It will be proven on October 2

for now

After moving in 2020

I haven’t moved it at all

“Is it moving or not?”

(Do you run?)

To try it ….


Tamichale Master

Piesige -san,

Shige P was there

With Iloilo

I will give you a tofu.

in appreciation

Transfer the original seal

Some are rejected.

for now

After a long time in cedar

Car and propo

I can’t even do Bind.

If you bind and turn the handle

Even though the propo is cut to the right

The handle of the car turns to the left

Is the throttle fully open?

The red LED of ESC is flickering

Is it okay to do this?

And “back”!

With Ijil on the heta

Because it will not move

Save as it is.

Charging battery

Learn from Shige P.

for now

Tamiya Li-FE battery

Even if you put it in a Li-PO bag

It looks good … (; ´∀ `)

(Sumimasen, about Sole)

According to Shige -chan’s order

Wipe the tire with a cleaner and sprinkle it

Course -in.

for now

Run straight

If you turn the handle

Turn in the cut direction.

The reaction of the car is slow

If you rush into the back

It will be a big round at the exit.

Clipping points

It ’s better to bring it in front of Zibun


At my own timing

If you turn on the throttle

The rear escapes sideways.

Kore says Shige P

“Tires are sleeping”

OYA store manager who saw the tires

“The tires are unlikely to eat”

At last, it looks like it looks.

Every time tires

Wipe with a cleaner

Every time you run

Tires picking up the sticky sticky

It is Mendokusai to wipe each time.


I usually run 1/12

This is it! !

Very Meiwaku! !

Further things

I want you to ban driving on 1/12! (smile

(↑ Suicide! (; ´∀ `)

With such Shioume

The tires 카지노 were growing up

Every time I run

LAP will be shortened

It is easy to run.

And another one

From March 2021

Not using Tamiya Li-FE

This is also

“The battery is sleeping”

It may be.

Managing the battery is important …

For management

I put an original seal.


Tamichaare tires on hand.

Tires around 2015

Mysterious tires described in 2018

Tires I bought in 2020

New items purchased the other day in 2022

I used this in order.

Mr. Shige P says

Tires used in DAYZ

If you bring it as it is


It seems like ↑.


Like plastic model tires

Because it was hard

Rejected in the first place.

2018 tires

In the place where I ran 3 packs

Because it came back

Save for the time being.

2020 tires

I revived in 3 packs

This is also preserved.

So, I bought it the other day

New tires in 2022.

This does not grip.

Even if you turn the handle by invading

It swells out of Omokuso

The rear flows at the exit.

The rear flows

Because the speed range is slower than 1/12

I can afford to spend the counter steer.

Iwayuru “Natural Gyro”

But it’s shit slow.ヾ (*` Д´*) ノ ”

for now

With “familiar” tires

Be patient and run 2 packs.

On the way, Shige P

Please go out with training

From the measurement line place

Run right behind

“Slow of my car”

If you explore

The straight speed is almost the same

In infield

With each corner of the corner

It is gradually separated.

My car is

The movement of the car is heavy.

Especially by switching the S -shaped

1 Poor tempo and rhythm.

With DAYZ’s older brother

Shige P is

“Try it on a scale!”


If you measure the weight with Hakari

More than the latest TA-08

It seems to be heavy about 100g.

“Wholesame weights!”

↑ This is said

Nothing is listed

There is nothing to drop … (*´Д `)

That’s why, more

There is no “hand / technique” in the car.

Leave the weight of the car.


There is no sign of less than 11 seconds.

From a fast person

About 0.5Sec is slow.

I mean, this time

Only one time came out.


Speaking of “radio control hetaxo”

“There is no such thing”

Everyone is a social order

I will say this

When the same “Tamichaare” comes out on the ring

As a result, it’s such a thing! !

In this blog article so far

“The guy who is doing 1/12 does not come out!”

↑ You may think

Please do not worry.

At first glance it looks fast

Sole is a Kawada car

Just the TeamBomber car is fast

I myself (human) is a big deal,




Usually, Hobby Wing

I’m using yokomo’s ESC

I noticed again.

Tamiya’s amplifier


More than a steep shift

Three levels of unusual flavor.

Speaking of old Tamiya

Lamborghini Cheetah

With no transmission

Combat buggy

The difference of about two -stage transformation

In medium and low speeds

Even if you control the throttle

Completely wasteful!

Where are you making it?

I don’t know


Forcibly make it in -house

G-Force’s amplifier for about 5,000 yen

I wish I had OEM ….

My husband is currently vacation.

I went shopping on a weekday because the cat sand of Baccarat was gone.

This time is bad.

You may be there.

Husband who is Kyorokyoro.

Certainly, this time is 온라인카지노 possible.


Husband who bent at another corner at a right angle

When she thought she was, she was lined up at the cash register

As expected, if I see it, I’ll just say hello.


I don’t notice.

I finally noticed twice from behind.


Fluffy paraspeller

I don’t know what I’m saying in a fast -paced way.

I understand a little about knitting associations and French teachers.

○○ (husband’s name) is also the same.

Her husband walked here.

Why do you shout with such a high -pitched voice?

I heard it

Because I don’t notice.

I just came to buy Baccarat cat sand, so we joined again when we finished self -checkout and headed to the exit.

À Tout à l’Heure (later)

Well, I’m going home later

No. You’re calling every day

She looks like her on the routine street every day.

Do you just call again after you have just met?

well? no change? see you tomorrow.

That’s the content.